Who are some unlikely people you might not assume were environmentalists?



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    I never would have guessed Emeril Lagasse, Bill Nye, Tommy Lee Jones, or Ludacris were environmentalists, but they are, and they all have TV shows on the pro-environment channel Planet Green to help spread the word.

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    In 1961 three wealthy women who lived in the Berkeley hills became concerned with the high rate of infill of the Bay. The Bay was being filled at an alarming rate because of trash that had no were to go, and a desire to have more usable land. Projections and plans showed that the bay was to be half the size it is today. Kay Kerr, Sylvia McLaughlin and Esther Gulick got together and formed the Save the San Francisco Bay foundation, later to be known simply as Save the Bay. I have been a Bay Area resident my entire life and just found this out. Three little old ladies from the East Bay single handedly stopped the in-fill and brought attention to the environmental issues in the bay, which had never ben considered before that. It is truly a surprise to me, but thank goodness they did it. 

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