Who are some stylists that are well known for making clothing from recycled clothes?



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    One of my favorite local designers are Josh and He Yang, who are the founders of the Hero Crane.  Their clothing creations ride the wave of the steadily growing market of fashion by a unique combination of both high and low fashion in using recycled fabric made into high quality clothing and accessories.  The products have a personal touch utilizing a specific “threading” technique, creating recognizable clothing designs unique to all Josh and He Yang creations. 

    Casual luxury and layered pieces integrating both high and low art has formed into what has become the “L.A. Style.” The creative developments emerging from Josh & He Yang’s clothing are helping redefine what is “L.A. Style”.  Consumer trends have shifted in light of growing concern of waste and pollution that impacts the city, with the rapid growth of niche markets such as the health/organic food industry and alternative energy sources.  By reuse of recycled product in their designs the company’s brand integrates environmental awareness into high fashion. 

    Located at the epicenter of the artistic and environmentally conscious neighborhood of Silverlake, CA, Hero Crane, brings a cutting edge approach to deconstructed designs.  The clothing is inspired by recycled “waste” and constructed from a variety of thread, damaged fabric, and costume jewelry, fulfilling a growing demand for alternative, artistically inspired clothing.  In a city ruled by the fashion forward, this post modern approach utilizing recycled goods and creativity through anti-corporate means will meet the demands of both fashionistas and those seeking progressive styles for the new millennium.

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