Who are some of the most dangerous people for the environment?



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    This is a very tricky question and I am reluctant to name names. In my personal view, climate change is the most serious environmental issue the world faces at this point, and therefore the people who do the most to hamper efforts to address this issue are high-profile people who deny that climate change is real and caused substantially by humans and influence others to believe so, despite the undeniable scientific consensus to the contrary. Google the term “global warming hoax” and you will probably bring up many examples. Many high-profile global warming deniers manipulate and misrepresent data to present a political case against anthropogenic global warming, often in a public forum or on television. Their usual arguments are easily refuted by scientific evidence, but for some reason these theories continue to circulate in the public consciousness, which is why, again in my opinion, climate change denial should continue to be met with strong but reasoned refutation armed with the facts to cut through the rhetoric.

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    I believe that Animal Rights Terrorists like those on the Sea Shepard and members of PETA are the most dangerous threat to the environment. I believe this because they do not value science, the scientific method, and they believe that the “Ends justify the means.” The problem with that philosophy though is that the means are guaranteed and the ends never are.

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      Hi Catfishtj, that is a very interesting position. I hadn’t really thought about it that way. I’m not sure I agree with your use of the word “terrorists” since I don’t think their tactics are intended to spread fear amongst civilian populations. I do agree that some of their tactics are illegal and therefore, the word “criminal” or “radical” seems more fitting to me.

      But with that said, I do think it makes sense that groups that take extreme positions and use extreme tactics, like PETA and ELF, do more harm to the environment, by alienating the mainstream, than they do good.

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      Yes, “terrorist” is a powerful word. However, I’ve seen it used before when referring to some radical environmental groups. You mentioned ELF, which was widely labeled an “eco-terrorist” group when they burned down a neighborhood of unoccupied homes near Seattle.

      Here is a quote from a local developer in Seattle, who was clearly terrorized by the events:

      “I’m really concerned about building, when I see this,” said a Snohomish County developer, who didn’t want his name used for fear of drawing attention to his project.”I don’t want anyone from ELF to see it.”


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