Who are some modern environmental writers?



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    There are many, many great environmental writers still writing today. However, one of the most influential modern environmental writers is Wendell Berry, who is best known for his poetry, essays, and novels. Berry has lived since 1965 on a farm in rural Kentucky, and sustainable, non-industrialized farming makes up the subject matter of a large part of his works. Berry has been instrumental in raising awareness of the environmental impacts of our food system, and popularizing the ideas of organic farming, locally grown produce, and farmers’ markets. Another influential modern writer is Bill McKibben. In 1989, McKibben wrote the first book for regular readers about global warming, and he has continued to work towards raising awareness of this issue ever since. It’s noteworthy that, like many environmental writers, McKibben is also an activist. Recently, he co-organized the largest international political day of action in history, dedicated to building a global movement for strong action on climate change.

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