Who are some influential women in the green movement?



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    This is all a matter of opinion.  One of the first and most well known environmentalists was Rachel Carson, author of Silent Spring.  Her 1962 book brought to light the dangers of chemicals such as DDT and their impacts on both the environment and humans.  Vandana Shiva an environmental activist and author from India has published over 300 papers in scientific and technical journals.  She has specialized in food and agriculture and fights for biodiversity and against genetic engineering.  

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    Wangari Mathai is a Kenyan born environmental activist, political figure, and advocate for sustainable development, peace, and women’s rights.  She is the founder of the Green Belt Movement which focuses of conservation, planting trees, women’s rights and sustainable development.  I have seen interviews with Wangari, and her passion and insight are inspirational.  In 2004, she became the first African born woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize, and served in parliament between 2003 and 2005 in Kenya as Assistant Minister for the Environment and Natural Resources.  She believes that the solution to many of Africa’s problems in through the restoration and proper management of it’s natural world.  Beautiful thinker.

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