Who are some famous modern artists that make pollution/environmental issues art pieces?

I’m looking for inspiring artists that make impactful emotions in their artworks towards environmental issues and etc.



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    If you consider Banksy a famous modern artist then his work could inspire you. Many of his new murals are about the environment.

    This page has a few of his fairly recent ones and a quick search will find more.



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    John Fekner has focused much of his work on environmental ans social issues. In the 70s he did a lot of street art, with spray paint, in NYC. Fekner used lot of word signs to attract attention to squalor in the city.

    Vik Muniz has a series of art called Pictures of Garbage. He also filled a movie with Lucy Walker called Waste Land. It is a documentary about their visit to the world’s largest landfill in Brazil. It is currently showing at the MOMA.

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    Alexis Rockman was recently featured in the Smithsonian magazine, and I was blown away by his colorful, vivid, surrealistic paintings of themes from apocalyptic natural disasters to crazy weather patterns to evolution and interspecies interactions.

    Paradise Now cites some of his main themes as “depictions of how our culture perceives and interacts with plants and animals, the role culture plays in influencing the direction of natural history and how the present and the future look of things are influenced by a broad range of pressures- human consumption, aesthetics, domestication, and medical applications among them.”

    Check out his page. I think his work hits the core of what feels wrong about mainstream interactions with the natural world. It’ll blow you away.


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    Definitely Banksy. This artist has created artwork that connects to various current issues happening throughout the world.

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    Andy Goldsworthy is a well-known environmental artist who uses his bare hands and materials from nature, such as leaves and rocks, to create breath-taking, colorful, conceptual work. Other environmental artists are becoming known for their own twist and creativity in making a powerful, environmental statement through their artwork. The article below lists a couple of world-famous environmental artists.



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    Edward Burtynsky is a well known modern photographer who deals with how nature is transformed though industry. He is a very talented artist; his work is both beautiful and unsettling at the same time. His work is very wildly distributed and talked about, helping to address the issues he deals with – nature, progress, consumption of raw materials. 

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    Isaiah Zagar is a well known environmental artist in Philadelphia, PA. He makes murals out of discarded objects all over Philadelphia. His murals cover over 50,000 sq ft of the city. He has worked to beautify the city and has helped turn vacant lots into beautiful parks. He even gets the community involved in his artwork. Citizens and students can work on murals with him.

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