Who are some famous climate deniers?



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    There a few famous people who have publicly claimed they do not believe in climate change as a problem. A fox news columnist names Steve Milloy is famously known for bashing climate change theories in his “Junk Science” segments. The president of the Czech Republic, Vaclav Klaus, has made headlines with very radical statements against the world’s new craze with climate change. But perhaps the most famous denier in America is Sarah Palin. She made many headlines during her vice-presidential campaign with statements that deny climate change and even the endangerment of the polar bear (native to her state of Alaska).

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    The climate deniers are usually scientists, who were never famous in the world, except maybe to their science community, became famous for being a climate deniers through their slanted studies/public reporting. Then there are those who become famous for being groomed by corporate climate deniers like American Petroleum and Exxon/Mobil.  
    Greenpeace did a study of all the climate deniers and found that Dr. Willie Soon was one scientists involved in the campaign against the climate science consensus for the majority of his career.
    Unknown to the public, his projects and grants were funded by big coal and big coal. His research addressed each companies hidden agenda to denial climate change.

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