Who are some celebrities who wear eco friendly clothing?



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    There are quite a few celebrities that are getting behind the eco-friendly movement.  I was able to find a list of celebrities that wear a brand called Oxygen Required including Jennie Garth, Tyra Banks, Marcia Cross, Rachael Ray and Julia Louis Dreyfus. 

    You can check out their line of bamboo and cotton clothing here, and see a list of the places their clothes have been featured.


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         Suzy Amis, actress and wife of Avatar director James Cameron, held a green fashion design contest for her 2010 Oscar dress. The winning design was a blue, zero-waste peace silk dress designed by Jillian Granz, a senior at Michigan State University. 


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    Emma Watson wears eco-friendly clothing, and started a whole line of them as well:


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    Selena Gomez, the star of Disney channels  Wizards of Waverly Place has teamed up with Generra designer Tom Melillo and Sandra Campos to create a new range of eco-friendly clothing for girls. The website found that Gomez plans to call them “Dream Out Loud by Selena Gomez” and is being set to come out in stores by Autumn of next year. She’s not only wearing the clothes, but now she is helping design them. 

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