Who are scientists exactly?



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    Scientist is a broad term to describe any person who uses a systematic method to solve problems or gain knowledge or one who studies in a scientific field. There is no specific way to become considered a scientist, since the term can be applied to students of all ages or people who are just wanting to gain personal knowledge or solve a problem. Most people who are cited as being scientists in articles and journals are enginiers, researchers or other professionals who have a degree in a specific scientific field.

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    A scientist could also be generally described as a person who applies the scientific method in researching the natural world, performing testable, repeatable experiments in order to determine and discover natural laws and answers various hypothesis.  

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    To some degree, we are all scientists.  If you ever have a thought of “what will happen if I….” and then test your …, you have done something scientific.  People who we generally call scientists, write out a formal hypothesis, and perform experiments to try to support that hypothesis.

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