Who are popular eco-artists at the moment?



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    I would recommend checking out the Environmental Art Musem (http://greenmuseum.org/).  The exhibits change and feature different artists and would be a great way to catch up on the movement.  Otherwise, one woman named Karolina Sobecka was recently featured in Scientific American for her art that shows your cars emissions by turning colors.  She is a good example of an artist with an environmental agenda as opposed to an artist using ecofriendly materials or environmental themes simply to make art.  Whether she does art or just environmental design is arguable: http://www.amateurhuman.org/main/?p=3

    Other fun eco-art being exhibited and highlighted around the world can be found here: http://www.greendiary.com/tags/eco-art/

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    I like Xavier Cortada. He says on http://www.greenmuseum.org/artist_index.php?artist_id=144 that his “work aims to challenge us to find deeper meaning in our present lives by exploring the paths of those who came before us and our relationship to the natural world.” Check out the website to see his work, and find other artist that are eco friendly. 

    I find him to be a very profound artist. He stated “my art reaffirms the notion that we are simply custodians of the planet who should learn to live in harmony with nature.”

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