Who are the “greenest” celebrities?



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    This is a tough question to answer.  Many celebrities try their best to set good eco-examples.  The above suggestions of the “Most Friendly” are true.  Those celebrities are known for their environmental work. A few more that you could consider are

    1.) Ed Begley Jr.

    Ed Begley uses solar power, rain collection, and even powers a toaster using a bike.  In fact if you get the channel Planet Green you can watch his show called “Living With Ed’ where you can see everything he does.


    Another one that most people don’t know about is

    2.) Jay Leno.  Jay Leno powers his house and garage with solar and wind power.  He is also known for advocating for the green movement.


    The final celebrity I would add to the list is

    3.) Bill Nye (The Science Guy)   Bill Nye has his own organic garden, uses solar and wind power, and has his own show on Planet Green called “Stuff Happens” 


    Hope this helped! 

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    Another notable one is Arnold Schwarenegger. He has done a great deal to attract green jobs and promote the green industry in California, and has long championed environmentalism.

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