Is a white tip shark the same as a great white shark?



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    The White Shark has many names including the Oceanic Whitetip Shark, Whitetip shark, white-tip and Whitetip whaler but it is a different species than the Great White Shark. The White shark is known for its long broadly rounded pectoral along with its first dorsal fins. The tips of its pectoral, first dorsal, pelvic and lower caudal fins are a blotchy white which accounts for its various aliases.

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    The two are separate species. The identity confusion arises because there are often many common names for the same species (and this is why scientists use specific Latin names to avoid confusion). Great white sharks are the largest predatory shark, and intimately familiar to just about everybody. Oceanic whitetips are more streamlined than the bulky great white and have long, winglike pectoral fins. They are much smaller, and tend to live in deep, open water — they eat primarily fish (though they’re not very picky) — and they’re often seen dominating the famous “feeding frenzies” so popular for wildlife documentaries.

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