while digging pampas grass up we discovered a nest of bumblebees they need to be moved and we do not want to kill them any suggestion



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    For starters, I’d definitely put on some protective gear like a bee suite or just cover your head and neck with a bee net, in the least. I’ve heard of people moving bumble bee nests with out this and not being harmed, but that isn’t something you can necessarily guarantee. Just pick up the nest and move very slowly. Bees might be flying in and out of the nest, but usually they don’t seem to mind just as long as you move slowly. It is also recommended that you move it late in the afternoon or early evening, when the temperature is cooler- bees will be more likely to stay in the next and are less active when it’s cooler at night. If you are moving it more than a few feet, you should box up the nest to move it, so that bees don’t fly out – they might not be able to find their home if they get away. If you’d like to read more on the matter, see links beelow:)

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      thank you for the tip but we are probably going to leave it alone now until October as we were told that they will have died by then

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    As elifitz mentioned, moving a bee hive can be dangerous. If you are not confident in your ability to do so safely, it would be best to call (and pay for) a specialist to come help. The website below lists hive removal specialists by state.

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      I agree with you and we decdided to leave them alone and let nature takes its course we can wait for that to happen, the safest option for now as they are not bothering anyone

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