Which zoo has the largest monkey exhibits?



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    I couldn’t uncover exactly which zoo has the largest monkey zoos, but I attached a list of the top 10 zoos in the U.S. Any of these will have fascinating and vast primate exhibits, and if I were to guess, the San Diego Zoo has to be up towards the top. The San Diego Zoo has long been regarded as one of the leading zoos in the country, and with 4,000 animals and 880 species, it in all likelihood has one of the best monkey exhibits as well. 

    I’ve personally never gotten the chance to go, so maybe someone familiar can add on to my answer and let me know if my hunch might be on the right track.

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    Like Edmccoy11 points out, many zoos have very large primate exhibits. Some zoos feature rare primates, like the Golden Lion Tamarins in the Washington DC zoos. If you wish to hear more about primate exhibits from people who are zoo-enthusiasts, check out the link below.

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