Which year has had the most volcanic eruptions ever?



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    A very good and simple answer is that the rate of eruptions largely stays constant. The rather clever article from the Global Volcanism Program in the URL below makes the observation that not all eruptions are noted or become newsworthy, and that apparent increases in activity just have to do with whether a spectacular eruption had happened recently.

    And following in that line of thinking, 1000 years ago, there weren’t even people who kept historical records living in many volcanic areas, so 1000 AD may have been a bang-up year for eruptions, but we may never know!

    The second URL below points out a potential area where the question may be ambiguous, which is that eruptions of several kinds.

    Finally, you might find this page amusing, which allows you to sort major volcanic activity by year, location, type, deaths, etc.: http://volcanic-eruptions.findthedata.org/

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