Which is worse, mass pollution or mass consumption?



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    Mass pollution and mass consumption work hand in hand, as a cycle.  Over-consumption is not good, psychologically and physically, as researchers have found, for a human on a personal level.  Over-consumption leads to pollution, which is not healthy for any of the species on earth, as well as the individual human.  As people are becoming more environmentally aware, we are figuring out ways to consume without leaving a large ecological footprint, but the way that modern society is structured, with the resulting pollution being displaced from those that consume and produce the pollution, mass pollution is inevitable. 

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    This is a bit of a trick question, they do both go hand and hand.  Were we to consume better things, however, we would produce less pollution.  Too much of what we purchase, use, and eat, contains much excess and it not used enough. Many our the products we use are cheap and unsustainable, and much of the food we eat is not nutritious and forces us to eat more.  Once we get consumption under control, pollution should follow.

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    I think with mass consumption you can give back and help replenish.  Mass pollution doesn’t serve a positive purpose (as consuming does with receiving nutrients) so while both require additional effort and energy to restore balance, pollution serves less of a purpose than consumption.

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