which is worse for the environment and labor: samsung or motorola smartphones?



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    i say both because well to me i think we can do beter by righting letters two times a week but there is the tree problem that is horrible as well

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    According to investigations conducted by Greenpeace, samsung ranks better than motorola as far as overall company practices go. I’m not sure about specifics on smartphones. I personally have a carbon-neutral phone from motorola right now. My first phone was from from Sony Ericsson, and I have had two Samsung phones. One thing that I like about my motorola phone over the other phones I have had is that all motorola phones use the same standard charger, so you don’t need to throw away your charger every time you get a new phone. Other members of my family have motorola phones as well, so I don’t need to worry about packing my charger when I go visit them. My carbon-neutral phone doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of a smart phone, but I am satisfied with it.

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