Which is worse for the Earth right now: over-consumption in the developed world, or over-population in the developing world?



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    This is a hard question to answer because the impact of both are better seen over a time as opposed to immediately. I think that in the moment, both are equal in the degree to which they are bad for our planet. Over-consumption leads to depleting resources and killing off other forms of life; and over-population leads to problems with resource availability and environmental damage and pollution. Over time, I think that the population problem is going to be worse, because consumption is a trait that can be curved, while keeping the human population from growing, especially in under-developed countries, is probably the more difficult task to accomplish.

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    I personally think that over-consumption in the developed world is a bigger issue.  Modern society has a huge influence on developing nations, and if we set the trend for them it is possible that there will be an overpopulation of people with our current bad habits.  It is also likely that our over-consumption could lead to a lack of resources for both worlds.

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    I think that over consumption in the developed world is more of an issue. People who live in the developed world have access to much more than those in the developing world. But in my point of view, just because people have more access to things doesn’t mean that they should be wasteful. It is worse when people are wasteful when they don’t need to be. People who over consume would play a great impact on the world if they learn how to better use materials and not waste. 

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