Which wars have historically caused a lot of pollution?



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    War by nature causes pollution, because wars rely on weapons that use chemicals.  For example, today depleted uranium is used to make heavier, more destructive shells, which “causes no radiation” but off the record results in increases in cancer and birth defects in the areas where they have been used.  Also, greenhouse gases are released during war in a variety of ways, such as during combat, oil well fires, gas flaring, cement manufacturing, and explosives.  If you count this as pollution, it is easy to see how and why war has caused such an impact on the environment, historically and today.

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    Chemical warfare has caused a huge impact on the environment. During the Vietnam War, the American military used Agent Orange, an herbicide that was sprayed over 10% of Vietnam. Agent Orange was used to defoliate tropical forests to expose the combatants and deplete the food supply of peasants. The chemical destroyed 14% of the forests in South Vietnam. Soil became contaminated, which then contaminated the food chain and has had negative health effects on Vietnamese born after the war.

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