Which U.S. state has the worst-quality drinking water? Which U.S. state has the best?



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    It is difficult to determine the water quality of a whole state because the task of caring for municipal water is divided by districts, so different water facilities are responsible for the water of different districts and cities. According to a study in 2009, the state with the worst water quality is California due to violations of water pollution laws and the dumping of toxins. Following California are Wisconsin, North Carolina, Florida, Texas, and others.

    According to an article on Forbes, some of the cleanest tap water is found in the cities of Des Moines, Iowa,  Austin, Texas, Miami, Florida, and others. However, some of these cities are in the previous list of the worst states, which goes to show that different areas of a state may have different water quality.

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    jgvp1988 is right on in that water quality is going to differ in regions all across a state, so the question is one that is certainly tough to find a clear answer to. In terms of taste, the American Water Works Association awarded Greenville, South Carolina the prize of best-tasting water in 2011. Other major U.S. cities ranked high, as well, including Denver, Baltimore, and Washington D.C. In 2010, New York City came in second in AWWA’s annual rankings.


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    Greenopia ranked the greenest states in the Univted States, and although they don’t specifically rate the water quality Vermont was chosen as the number 1 greenest state with points given for above quality water while Louisiana and West Virgina were given the ranks of 49 and 50 respectively. It was stated that West Virgina had poor water consumption, although nothing was said abvout the quality of water. Louisiana was said to have sub par water quality.

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    I do not believe the water in the USA, to be safe at all !  Why ?  The FDA is light years behind the rest of the world, in research. BHT, BHA, is still being used in the USA.  The update on Vitamin D from 400 IU to at least 4000 IU not done !!

    Many errors in judgement in the people we trust !!  Reduce staff, in important  area of Govt !

    Case and point again !  People who know what is right !  Are made silent !!

    When nuclear reactor is unsafe, a congressman will overide the corrections to that reator. Saving money for the company, and putting people in danger !

    I suggest that you do your own research!  But there is nothing safe about the USA drinking water.  The more we use crude oil and not plant based oil.  The risk of clean water decreases !!

    You are expecting the truth !  It is not going to happen ! No one  in the Govt has the basic ethics for truth !  And doing what is right ! Time and time again , money, will silence the truth !!  Time and time , they fail to basic science !  Cut down the rain forest !  Reduces the oxygen on the earth ! 


    The lies have to stop !  The money behind crude oil !  All the taxes be paid to the Govt !  We could use ethanol to run engines.  Cleaner fuel ..  Taxes !!   The USA  Govt needs to be cut by 75 %   Check your blood for the effects of plastic on you !!   Mind TV  from Philadelphia USA. Buzzle.com

    Richard Branson has a great way to clean water and create a bio fuel !

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