Which U.S. state has the most oil drills?



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    Texas probably has the most wells, although I’ve not been able to find a source that comes out and says so. It’s definitely the U.S. state that produces the most oil.

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      Texas does have the most producing oil wells, at 149,102 out of total US oil wells at 526,114. Oklahoma is #2 with 89,621, Kansas #3 at 56,009, CA #4 at 51,481. Counts are at end of 2009 as published by World Oil (Feb. 2010). In addition the US has 458,376 producing natural gas wells, TX is #1, PA #2, West VA #3, OK #4.

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    Texas is not the leading producing state; Louisiana is in July 2010 with 1.52 million barrels/day vs Texas at 1.395 million b/d.

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