Which US state has the highest death rate from cancer?



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    Kentucky has the highest death rate from cancer of 213.7 in 2007. This rate translates to roughly 9,692 deaths from cancer during the rate period. The National Cancer Institute can give us the death rates from cancer in charts that allow us to see the rates by race, gender, state, and county.  This number was generated by including all of these factors.

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    The rates vary from different types of cancer.

    Washington has the highest rates of braest cancer, while New Mexico has the lowest.

    D.C. has the highest incidence rate of prostate cancer, while Arizona has the lowest.

    You may want to look into specific types of cancers to get more accurate results.

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    Instead of looking from state to state, you might consider looking at cancer clusters, places where the incident of cancer is higher than the national averages.  The southeast is generally considered a cancer hot spot, along with the Flathead Valley of Montana and many other areas.

    This site has a map and explanation:  http://www.familiesagainstcancer.org/?id=20.  Note that the information was last updated in 2005.

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