Which US presidents were the most environment friendly?



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    The Daily Green recently put up a list of the greenest U.S. presidents. Theodore Roosevelt was ranked highly because of his commitment to wilderness protection- during his administration, he oversaw the creation of the U.S. Forest Service and created 50 wildlife refuges and five national parks. Jimmy Carter was ranked second for his energy policies- he created the Department of Energy and installed solar panels on the roof of the White House.

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    Theodore Roosevelt definitely deserves to be up there: labeled a “progressive” during his presidency Roosevelt designated 150 National Forests, 51 Federal Bird Reservations, 5 National Parks and the first 18 National Monuments. Besides that, Roosevelt also passed the Meat Inspection Act and the Pure Food and Drug Act. Altogether Roosevelt has provided protection for almost 230 million acres. 

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    Probably Ted Roosevelt would be number one, due to his genuine interest in enjoying and preserving nature and its parks. Jimmy Carter is up there because of his formation of the department of energy among other actions. Thomas Jefferson is also up there due to the fact he wanted people to live in harmony with nature.

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