Which U.S. national park has the most diversity?



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    The El Yunque park in Puerto Rico has an immense amount of biodiversity.  It is a mountainous rainforest with numerous niches. 75 % of the forest is virgin.  It is known as the Caribbean Forest. 

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    One of the largest US National parks, Denali National Park and Wilderness Preserve in Alaska’s interior is the size of Massachusetts. Covering nearly 10,000 square miles, Denali has a very unique landscape, and is indeed very diverse. This national park boasts Mt.McKinley, our nation’s tallest peak. In addition to Mt. McKinley, Denali has hundreds of glaciers, tundra, as well as hundereds of different species of wildlife. One of the best things about Denali is its remote location. There is only one road going in and out of the park, and only goes as far as Wonder Lake, and is only open during the summer months. Private Cars are only allowed up tp 15 miles into the park, and the rest is reserved for the school-type buses which are highly regulated-less than one hundred go into the park each day. Mt. McKinley as seen from the park road.

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    Well, seeing as I am blessed to live in a state with three awesome national parks, this is a toughie. But I do have a favorite, and it is our state’s least visited – North Cascades National Park. It’s particularly unique because there are no roads into it or through it – you have to hike to see it. And it’s rugged, steep and craggy, so seeing it does not come easy. But it’s glorious, and so worth it. The longest backpack adventure I’ve taken so far has been an 8-day transect of the park, from west to east over the crest of the cascades, and on day 4 I saw my one and only Northern Spotted Owl.
    If Escalante National Monument in southern Utah is ever designated a National Park, I might change my mind. Another pak i like most Part of the allure of Denali National Park is that you never know what you might see. Princess professionals at the Tour Desk are available to arrange a tour into the Park for a glimpse of its impressive ecosystem — ask for the Tundra Wilderness Tour or Natural History Tour.

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