Which US city has the best bus system?



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    “Best” is subjective. It could mean the greatest passenger-miles covered, the one with its power (electricity, gasoline, diesel, whatever) from the most renewable energy (but that one might be extremely inefficient in terms of passengers carried), the one that operates most cheaply, the one whose buses break down the least, the one whose drivers are the most courteous, the one that carries a greater percentage of the city’s commuting public (which might be a small absolute number, and could cost a lot) – it is unlikely that any of those things will be uniform and present in any one city. Consequently, there is no absolute “best” city in this category, nor in most other categories that have subjective criteria.

    Having said that, I am sure others will chime in with a handful of nominees for this honor.

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    Well, between Boston and DC (two cities I’ve recently lived in), DC takes the gold. They seldom have delays (compared to Boston’s chronic lateness), and they have more buses with overlapping routes. They also have some green buses that run on biodiesel. Also, the drivers just seem friendlier on average.

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