Which type of wallets mostly men like?

Wallets is frequently a small case which is second-hand to store and carry cash, identity cards, credit cards and coins.



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    In Western countries, according to my local store that specializes in leather, men overwhelmingly prefer black wallets, with neutral/tan coming in second. Little of any other kind is sold. Eel, snake and alligator are distant thirds. And btw! do not buy an eel skin wallet — it can generate enough static electricity to de-magnetize credit cards!

    In terms of style, businessmen may prefer the long slim folding kind, since it fits well into a suit jacket pocket without affecting the aesthetics of lines of the suits. Otherwise if not wearing a suit, men prefer the wallet that’s roughly the size of a bill folded over. That fits well in front or back pants pocket, as well as shirt and jacket pockets.

    100 years ago, when money was much more “valuable” in (it didn’t really buy more, it just had lower denominations), coin purses were popular. Since coins were loose, and could be heavy, a common type was stiff leather about the size and shape of the palm of a hand. It folded over securely shut so it could’t burst open.

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