Which type of commercial fishing is the most dangerous?



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    Rather than type of fishing, location seems to be the major determinant of danger. Without a doubt Alaska is the most dangerous fishing area, at least in the US, and many sources seem to agree that Alaskan Crab fishing is the most dangerous type of commercial fishing.

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    tujior is correct.  Alaskan fishing is the most dangerous – the waves are mightier, the water is colder, and the weather is harsher.  This makes for some very tough conditions that fishermen must endure, and many of them lose their lives doing it.

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    Just to emphasize tujior and lola14’s points, from 1992-2008, according to the Journal of the American Medical Association, 128 per 100,000 American commercial fisherman died. The article also calculated the percentages by region: “133 (26%) deaths occurred off the coast of Alaska, 124 (25%) in the Northeast, 116 (23%) in the Gulf of Mexico, 83 (16%) off the West Coast, and 41 (8%) in the Mid- and South Atlantic. 

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