Which type of animal gets abused the most?



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    According to pet-abuse.com, non-pitt-bull dogs are the most common victims of abuse.  The fact that pitt-bulls have their own category, though, suggests that among dogs, they are the most often abused animals.  Next on the list is cats, followed by horses.  For the data and a graph of abuse by animal type, go to pet-abuse.com.

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      It is always sad to see an abused dog of any kind but I feel so terribly for pitbulls. I have owned and trained them for years and they can be the most loving breed of dog if treated right and trained properly. They get such a bad wrap for being an aggressive and mean dog and its purely because of the way they have been treated. As with anything it is the few bad people that have hurt these dogs reputation.

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    According to the Pet-Abuse.com, dogs are the most often abused variety of pet.  Not including pitbulls, there were 6,822 cases of dog abuse registered as of today.  Pitbulls alone account for an additional 1812 cases.  Take a look at their graph below for more statistics.


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    Which type of animal can depend on the country as well. According to the BBC, rabbits are the most abused domestic pet in England and Wales, with 35,000 abandoned every year according to the RSPCA. According to a survey, many people simply lost interest in rabbits very quickly and would release them out into the street or into the wild. 

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