Which tree is really bad when burned?



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    This will answer the question: which tree has the worst heating potential when being burned,

    Measuring the output of heat is done using the term BTU. Basically, 1 BTU of heat is needed to raise 1lb of water 1 degree Fahrenheit. You would assume that the hotter the fire the better, however it is really more subjective than you think.

    Dense hardwoods, like your maple, oak, and hickory, burn up to 25 million BTUs, while soft hardwoods or hard softwoods burn 30% less hotter. It would be logical to say hotter is better, but you might want to ask “why do people tend to look for dry soft wood to burn?” This is because soft hardwood or hard softwood actually burn faster. When camping or simply enjoying a nice warm fireplace, you would essentially get a hot fire blazing much faster than your dense woods that take far longer to catch.

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