which tree do pine cones come from?



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    Cone-bearing trees are collectively called gymnosperms. The group within gymnosperms that you might be familiar with are the conifers. These would be your pine trees, sequoia and redwoods, junipers, and so on.  To be clear, the cone is usually named after the tree from which it falls, so a pine cone would come from a pine tree…a sequoia cone would be from a sequoia tree.

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    Pine cones come from trees in the pinus genus, or more technically those trees in the pine tree family.  Common trees that have pine cones include Douglas Fir’s, Giant Sequioua’s, Incense Cedars, Knobcone pines, Ponderosa pine, Shore pine, Western Hemlock , Western Red Cedar, White Pine,

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    Many trees are conifers, or cone bearing, but not all of them are in the pine family.  Spruce, larch, and fir trees all produce cones to protect their seeds.  Specifically pine cones would come from pine trees like Ponderosa and white pines.

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