Which third-party group has the best eco-friendly product certification logo in your opinion?

I personally like the RainForest Alliance Certification logo with the frog and the no animal testing certified leaping bunny logo.



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    LEED Certification. LEED stands for Leadership in Enery and Environmental Design. It is a sustainability metric for buildings and urban development. It rates buildings on its energy efficiency, use of materials, waste management, etc… Its internationally recognized and being adapted as a standard for many new construction projects everywhere, for example: the City of Los Angeles are requiring all new buildings to be LEED certified. 


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    I was going to say the Leaping Bunny certification. There is another one I like, which is the Fair Trade Organization. They have ten principles, including: creating opportunites for economically disadvantaged producers.

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    I think that looking for the Forest Stewardship Council logo is a great way for home owners to be eco-friendly when remodeling their homes. My parents used FSC certified wood for their cabinets and hired a local cabinet maker when they remodeled their kitchen, and it came out looking awesome!

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