Which talk show host would you want to be greener?



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    Ideally, all of them! Talk shows have large audiences and they can talk about pretty much whatever they want. If I had to pick just one, I would pick the one with the largest audience. This season, David Letterman draws nearly 6 million viewers, so I would pick him. If talk show hosts inspired their viewers to make real environmental changes in their lives, that could have a very large green impact.

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    I would say Jay Leno.  There is a large different between those who watch Letterman and those who watch Leno, and those two are in the prime spots. Leno gets more people watching from the heartland of the US, more people in suburbs and rural towns.  Letterman meanwhile, targets more urban cities and more intellectual viewers.  I would argue that his viewers are more likely to already be on board with climate change and making changes, while Leno’s fan base may still be on the fence.  He has a great deal of influence and somehow knows how to connect with many people, so he can make a difference.

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