Which states produce the most electric cars?



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    The places that produce, or are the source, of most electric cars would be states with manufacturing plants. However, the places that seem to use them the most would appear to be places like California, Oregon, Arizona, Tennessee, Texas, and Hawaii. It’s still a long way before we see more use!

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    Detroit tends to be the site of most American car factories. However, many electric cars are not produced in America. As for who buys the most electric cars, I would definitely say California. I was just reading an old Current EVents magazine that said that the state with the most pre-orders for the Tesla Roadster was California, and the state with the next highest number of orders had less than half of California’s orders. I live in California myself, and I have seen a few Teslas as well as other factory model (and non-factory model) electric cars on the roads.

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    I only know of two states where they are being produced.  The Tesla plant is located in the Bay Area of California.  As of 2010 they were going to be manufacturing in Fremont.

    Chevy Volts are made in GM’s plant in Michigan.  The smaller electric vehicle, the Kurrent is also produced in a Michigan plant.  

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