which states claim to be green?



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    Forbes Magazine produced the first ever list of American’s Greenest States. Measuring factors such water and air quality, consumption patterns, waste, and environmental policy, they came up with a ranking for each state. Heading the list is a ties between Vermont and Oregon, with Washington close behind. Falling in the number four and five spots are Hawaii and Maryland, respectively. A complete list of the states and their rankings can be found at the link below:

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    According to a recent Earthsense Eco-Insights Survey, the top ten “greenest” states are:

    1. Vermont
    2. Alaska
    3. New Mexico
    4. Oregon
    5. Massachusetts
    6. Wyoming
    7. Delaware
    8. Minnesota
    9. District of Columbia
    10. Idaho

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    California claims to be green, on their website it states “California is leading by example on energy efficiency and conservation, sustainability, green building and green purchasing practices.” At the moment their is a Green Building Initiative and Green Building Action Plan to encourage energy efficiency.

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    In a more recent article from International Business Times, they list the most sustainable states in America. Their ranking is as follows:

    1. Vermont
    2. Maine
    3. New Hampshire 
    4. Nevada
    5. Hawaii
    6. South Dakota
    7. Montana
    8. Idaho
    9. Oregon
    10. Colorado

    For more information on what makes these states the most sustainable, check out the website below. 

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