Which state has the most solar jobs?



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    The Southwest is the sunniest part of the country, which makes it an ideal place to get the most use out of solar power… Therefore I would assume that Arizona, Nevada or New Mexico would have the most jobs relating to solar power.

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    I don’t know that anyone knows for sure, but I’m going to put in my vote for California, with Arizona possibly following close behind.  The Solar Foundation put out a census last year, the first one, to determine where solar job growth is happening and which states have the most solar related job growth in the States.  Not all solar companies complied though, which may throw of the numbers, but in an article covering the census, they reported that “census reveals job growth in all regions–the Western states (especially California) contain the majority of the solar jobs….”

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    New Jersey is a huge solar producer right now, second only to California. New Jersey offers large rebates and tax credits to consumers that make it extremely affordable to buy and install solar systems. With plans to get 30-percent of their energy needs from renewable energy by 2020, it seems the demand for solar jobs will only increase moving forward. 

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