Which state has the most LEED certified building?



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    In a ranking of LEED certified building space per person, Washington, D.C. leads the nation at 25.15 square feet per capita. Among states, Nevada ranks highest at 10.92 square feet per capita. Of course, this does not necessarily translate to number of individual buildings, but should give a good idea at least.

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    Although they do not make the top ten list for LEED certified space per capita, California, Texas and New York are the states with the highest amount of certified buildings.  As far as certifications based on per capita, Nevada, New Mexico, and New Hampshire take the top three state rankings, with Washington, DC topping all three.  The reasoning for considering certifications based on per capita versus traditional methods is to remind us that the people using these buildings are more important than any other thing, as said by Scott Horst, LEED’s senior vice president.

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