Which state has the most crocodiles?



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    Florida – it is the only state with crocodiles. The American crocodile resides only in the southern Florida, and has actually somewhat recovered in population, going from an “endangered” classification, to “threatened.”

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    Besides the American crocodile being the only crocodile species found in the United States, it is also the only species found in North America. Areas it can be found in are southern Florida, Caribbean islands, and along the coast of Central America.

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    Even though crocodiles are most common in Florida, “researchers estimate a population of perhaps only 400 to 500 individuals,” according to the University of Florida. 

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    As previous answers have indicated, the only 2 species of American crocodiles reside in Florida, more specifically in South Florida. A personal anecdote: I’ve visited the Everglades and counted the crocodiles we saw – it was incredible.

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