Which state has the most container homes?



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    I would think that California would have the most shipping container homes, since the first one ever to be built in the United States was in California designed by Southern California architect Peter DeMaria. Texas is another place where these shipping container homes are popular as well.

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    Actually California would quite possibly have the fewest number of completed Shipping Container Home projects of just about anywhere in the World.

    The Peter Demaria Designed Home gained a lot of its publicity basically because it was successfully permitted in one of the most notoriously difficult to permit areas in the US, which was a huge break through for the Container Home movement, it certainly wasn’t because it was the first container home

    This is a concept that goes back at least 23 years, in fact a patent was issued to Mr Phillip Clarke way back in 1987.  

    As beautiful as the home is it should also be noted that its was very expensive to build at around $200 a square ft so in my opinion at least a lot of the “lessons” coming out of the movement were missed on the home.

    As a whole the US has been very slow to adopt and realise the application of Container based construction – this is probably due to the strict permitting requirements in most areas but whatever the reason they certainly are not leading the World, leadership in this space is coming out of Europe and relative to its small population Australia.

    To answer your specific question I dont think that anyone has a definitive answer however we do know that parts of the country that have less stringent permitting laws like parts of Texas have a far great number of completed homes than California.

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