Which state has the largest population?



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    According to the U.S. Census Bureau numbers for 2008, California is the most populated state in the nation with an estimated population of over 36 million. Texas came in second with 24 million. New York rounded out the top three with 19 million.

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    It is important to define “largest population”… In total overall population, the states listed by austensawyer are correct, however, population density is also an important consideration. California and Texas, for example, are both larger states, and by default, likely to have larger populations simply due to their greater areas.

    Thus, when size of the state is taken into consideration (e.g highest number of people per square mile), the top five states are New Jersey, Rhode Island, Massachussets, Connecticut, and Maryland (excluding Washington DC, which is actully number 1, but it isn’t a state).

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