Which state has the largest firefighter crew?



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    I couldn’t find a lot of information listing fire department sizes by state, but I did find a lot based on municipalities.  From what I read, New York City has the largest (followed by Tokyo), but in the US, here are the next four:

    2. Los Angeles FD
    3. Chicago FD
    4. Ft. Worth/Dallas/Houston, Texas
    5. Philadelphia FD

    Just based on population sizes, I would guess that California had the most firefighters, followed by New York State.

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    If you are referring to wildland firefighters, California has the largest organized group of wildland firefighters.  The US Forest Service and NPS both host many fire crews along with CAL FIRE (formally California Department of Forestry).  

    In terms of a specific crew, the largest crews are hotshot crews which generally have 20 people (occasionally 21).  Hotshot crews travel the country going to fires.  Wildland fires use the Incident Command System which allows for the quick creation of an appropriately sized organization to manage a wildfire (note I didn’t say “fight” as all wildfires are not necessarily extinguished). 

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