Which state has the largest bears?



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    The Polar Bear is the largest bear (although some say it is the Kodiak).  The Polar Bear can only be found in the United States in the state of Alaska.  The adult Polar Bear can range anywhere from 6.5 to 12 feet long and weigh anywhere from 775 to 1,200 pounds.  The largest Polar Bear of record tipped the scales at 2,209 pounds!

    Kodiak Bears generally are between 600 to 900 pounds.  Kodiaks live in the Kodiak Archipelago which is a grouping of islands off the southern coast of Alaska. 

    Both Polar Bears and Kodiaks can be found in other parts of the world, but as far as states go, pertaining to your question, whether you think Polar Bears are the largest, or you think Kodiaks are the largest, they can both be found in the state of Alaska.

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