Which state has the greenest transportation infrastructure?



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    Possibly California.  In a recent survey of the 50 greenest cities, several of the top ones were cities in California.  Although Portland, Oregon topped the list for most green cities, the cities in California got higher ratings for green transportation.  The list is below.

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    Yes, I wold have to agree that it is only possibly California. Many of this countries great mass transit systems are in California (such as the BART).  However, with cities like Los Angeles and Fresno included, I would have to wonder.  If you have ever been to LA you would know that for the massive size and population of the city, the rail system lacks more than any other city in this country.  On top of that, the busses do not run very often.  

    Then add onto that the fact that cities like Los Angeles and Fresno had phenomenal mass transit systems, that were then discontinued makes you wonder even more.  

    However, San Diego, The Bay Area, and even Sacramento have good systems, and the California Amtrak is probably the best in the country.  So it is a toss up.  

    Other states that do a good job is Texas and Florida 

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