which state had the highest amount of wind power installed in 2009?



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    Between July of 2008 and July 2009, Texas installed 7,118 Megawatts of wind power, leading the list; next was Iowa, with 2,791 mW installed, and California, with 2,517 mW installed. It is estimated that, from all the new wind power facilities installed in the past two years, over 8.400 jobs have been created. Texas is currently the national leader in wind power, with a capacity of 9,728 mW.

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      Thanks for the quick response. I was looking for wind power, however, and not solar power.

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      Re: the asker of this question.

      Believe it or not, I mistyped on all three occasions. Substitute wind power for solar power wherever you see it in my response; I must have been thinking about solar power when I typed this response. Click on the link for further proof. Sorry for the flakiness 🙂

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      We edited powdrbowl’s answer to fix this typo.
      -The GreenAnswers Team

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