Which state does the most shark attacks happen?



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    Within the United States, most shark attacks happen in Florida, whose tropical oceans house one of the largest shoreline shark populations in the Western Hemisphere. (http://ezinearticles.com/?Shark-Attacks!-How-Common-are-They?-Where-do-They-Occur?&id=37589)

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    Yes, most of the U.S. shark attacks have occurred in Florida. Here is a map of shark attacks by state between 1580 and 2006. There have been 544 documented attacks in the state, with 13 fatalities.


    And, in case you were curious, the U.S. tops the world for the most shark attacks; that’s 937 total attacks with 54 fatal ones.


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    Although relatively infrequent overall, the International Shark Attack File reports that more shark attacks happen in North America than in other continents. When you rank attacks by state, Florida has the most. After that, California comes in second, Texas in third, and Hawaii in fourth. From 1883-2005, 234 shark attacks were reported in the United States, with only 7 of them being fatal.

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