Which state does the best job of using their government to make their state a greener place?



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    Vermont is the greenest state, with policies in place to promote energy efficiency and good air quality, having low smog and ozone pollution. Vermont also has good water quality, a high number of LEED buildings (leadership in energy and environmental design) for the population, low per capita energy consumption and emissions and waste generation, high recycle rate, and high renewable energy usage. Senator for Vermont, Bernie Sanders has particularly pushed for progressive environmental policies and increased environmental protection through the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

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    Though Vermont is technically the greenest state, New York and Washington State come in second and third, and they actually score higher than Vermont when it comes to green business.  Because the economy and the government are so closely linked, it is worth noting that these other states have done well in creating opportunities and rewards for businesses to be eco-friendly.

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    Though Hawai’i ranks eleventh on the list due to their poor air quality, I was impressed by the influence of conservation on their local politics.  I visited the state on an election year and I remember coming across a large article closely detailing the candidates environmental policies.  It was nice to see that the electorate cared so much for the beautiful land around them.

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    California made the ranking for the most energy efficiency and also as a leader in renewable energy usage. I find it hopeful that so many states have been discussed with much relevancy, and that the list considered diverse variable for its final verdict.

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