Which sports teams are the most eco-friendly?



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    Several sports teams are actually working toward a healthier, greener environment. The Philadelphia Eagles, for instance, have a program entitled “Go Green,” which encourages recycling, renewable energy, and tree planting. The football team produced 97% of their energy using renewable resources in 2008. They’re also working towards neutralizing their carbon footprint and reducing harmful emissions. The Indians also implement green initiatives, particularly in their baseball stadium – Progressive Field. As recycling is the team’s main focus, they use recycled paper and cornstarch cups in their stands. They’ve also set up a variety of recycling bins around the stadium, recycling paper, cardboard aluminum, scrap metal, and batteries.

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    The Green Sports Alliance, founded in 2011, consists of the Seattle Mariners, Seattle Seahawks, Portland Trailblazers, Vancouver Canucks, Seattle Storm, and Seattle Sounders FC.  These teams, along with many others who are not part of the GSA, are doing many things to go green.  Rather than just garbage cans, plastic and compost cans are being offered in stadiums.  At two home games the Mariners gave 5,000 fans bags of gardening soil that was composted from used napkins and half-eaten food at the stadium the previous season.  These teams are also trying to make their stadiums more efficent!

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