Which sport do you think has the worst carbon footprint?



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    The website Green Blizzard lists the 2010 sports that leave the worst carbon footprint; they are all motor sports (or motor recreation).  The top ten are 1. NASCAR, 2. Formula One, 3. Drag Boat Racing, 4. Motocross – motorcycle, 5. RV Camping 6. Recreational Motor Boating, 7. Jet Skis, 8. Drag Car Racing 9. Air Races, 10. Motocross – ATV.   

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    The sport with the most negative contribution to the environment is auto racing. The nature of the sport – cars traveling at very high speeds for hours at a time – is not conducive to producing a good carbon footprint. Since 20 pounds of carbon dioxide are emitted per gallon of gas – and 6,000 gallons are used per race – this means 120,000 of CO2 are generated per race. With 35 races per year, NASCAR alone is responsible for 4 million pounds of carbon dioxide a year.

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    Sporting events alone can have a large carbon footprint too. The 2010 World Cup was found to have emitted 2,753,251 tons of carbon dioxide. This is the same amount of CO2 that one million cars will emit over one year. There were an additional 15,390 tons of carbon dioxide emitted from buildings that were erected to support the World Cup (such as additional stadiums).

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    Obviously, auto-racing in any form leaves a bad footprint. However, I vote for golf as the least obvious. It is just a waste of land that could be used for anything else whether it be forestry, agriculture or a community.

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    Motor sports, with NASCAR leading the list.

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