Which spices contain the most antioxidants?



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    There are quite a few antioxidant-rich spices out there.  List toppers include cinnamon, oregano, ground cloves, tumeric, capsaicin and cayenne.  This is great way to add some extra health boosts and flavor to a variety of foods.  One teaspoon of cinnamon contains about the same amount of antiocxidants as a half cup of the superfood blueberries and can easily be added to coffee, cereal, toast, or anything else involving grains (even meals like Morrocon cuisine).  Tumeric is a powerful source, on par with fruits such as strawberries, and is the essential ingredient in curry powder.  Oregano is great on any Italian food and Cayenne can be used to spice up any savory dish – all your meals and taste buds are covered.

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