Which shampoo brand is best for my hair?



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    It honestly depends on preference. However, environmentally, manufactured shampoo is not the best route to go. You can make your own shampoo at home, or utilize tips that will make buying the right shampoo easier.

    You can read an article I wrote for GreenAnswers here that will inform you about manufactured shampoos, how to pick the best one for you, and alternatives:


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    Making your own shampoo using all-natural ingredients would be a good alternative to store-bought shampoos, which can have a lot of unnecessary chemicals. This website has a list of possible ingredients to use in homemade shampoos.

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    I personally use a natural shampoo (no preference usually) but swear by mane and tail (its for horses) conditioner. For me, conditioner is much more important since I have thick hair; its the conditioner, not the shampoo, that has the most effect. Shampoo cleans your hair of oil and conditioner puts nutrients back in. I’ve noticed a huge difference in the strength and shine in my hair and many people have told me that mane and tail in particular helps your hair grow faster. I can’t confirm this statement, but I highly recommend giving the conditioner a try. 

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    A shampoo I really like is JustNatural shampoo. JustNatural is a completely organic company. They offer shampoo for all types of hair. Most of their shampoos do not containt chemicals, alcohol, harsh detergents, and are made in the USA. A really good aspect of this product is that they vegan and do nto test on animals. When you use organic shampoo, it is a great option for the health of your hair instead of subjecting it to so many chemicals.

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    One of the top eco-friendly shampoos is John Masters Organics. Tresume Naturals is pretty popular as well. I personally use Pantene Naturals, which is great, but it’s good to switch it up.

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    I use Organix Teatree Mint and it is amazing.  My hair is always soft and shiny.  It uses organic ingredients which is always a plus!  

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