Which region in the United States has the worst air quality?



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    Naturally, all the big metropolis areas have pretty bad air quality, with California ranking phenomenally high on the lists with most of the results being from there. According to the American Lung Association, however, the place to earn that prize in 2011 is Bakersfield-Delano in, you guessed it, California. Quite a few factors go into figuring the areas with bad air quality, and I recommend you read the website cited for this to get a better picture!

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    The West Coast is the region with the worst air quality.  This is due to large cities such as Los Angeles as well as the amount of wildfires in this area.  I attached a link to a map that shows the air quality for the entire country each day.  It’s really interesting!  

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    Los Angeles has some of the worst air quality in the world. I sadly have to experience this air quality from time to time, and there are many factors as to why air pollution in the area is so bad. One is the climate, the dry and warm atmosphere is perfect for brewing smog. There are also large mountains surrounding Los Angeles, which trap the smog in certain areas, such as the San Fernando Valley. Los Angeles also has a large dependence on cars, which add to the pollution. 

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